S. James Levis Jr. An Experienced And Focused Foreclosure Attorney

At the Biddeford, Maine, Law Office of S. James Levis Jr., PA, you will work one-on-one with an attorney who has 45 years of law practice and 22 years of private practice experience. When you call my office, you will speak directly with me or my assistant, Lola.

Taking The Fear Out Of Foreclosure

Foreclosure can be a scary and vulnerable process. But more often than not, you do have options. Sometimes new payment plans can be made. Other times, a fault or flaw in your mortgage may cause the bank to drop foreclosure proceedings. If a sale cannot be avoided, working with an established, focused and seasoned foreclosure attorney can ensure that you receive the true value of your property and that your credit history and financial plans are optimized for a smoother road ahead.

Helping People Since 1972

I am attorney S. James Levis Jr. and I help people just like you save their homes from foreclosure. As a Boston College and Columbia Law School graduate, I have a detailed and thorough understanding of the law. Having been a Judge Advocate General's Corps (JAG) officer in the Marines and a partner in a major Maine law firm, I have many years of life and legal experience that I bring to bear on every case I work on. I have had my own practice for 22 years. For the past seven years, I have focused my practice on foreclosure defense. I collaborate constantly with Maine Attorneys Saving Homes (MASH). Together, we dedicate our legal practices to helping people fend off big banks and save their homes. We are stalwart advocates and proponents of homeowners and are committed to fighting against the Goliath of big banks.

Your Attorney Start To Finish

I work with people in all stages of the foreclosure process. I am both a transactional attorney and a litigator. This means I take care of each of my clients start to finish. I will review your paperwork and negotiate on your behalf. Should these methods not bring results, I will represent you in court and if needed on appeal. My firm has attained some very good results on appeals cases. Taking your matter to court is not a last-ditch effort, but often a viable path to saving your home. This is because the state Legislature changed the laws before the recession. Current laws and legal precedence favor you, the homeowner.

Finding Fault In The Banks

Even though foreclosure is a highly regulated industry, many big banks are still not following the legal process. We can determine if and when the bank made an error. Any error by the bank or in the language of your mortgage agreement may work in your favor and may be instrumental in saving your home. In rare cases, we may even be able to dismiss your mortgage. Not many lawyers practice in this niche area of law, and even fewer have the experience, knowledge and commitment of my office. To learn more about me, please click on the link below.

Just because you missed a payment does not mean you will lose your home. Call my office or send me an email and find out how I can help you save your home and defend your rights. Call 866-860-2922 to speak with Lola and me or contact us online. We have been serving clients in York County, Cumberland County and Portland and throughout Maine for over 20 years. If you cannot come to us, please call and we will make arrangements to come to you.