Understand How To Stop Foreclosure

The idea of losing your home is scary. It is not unusual to feel uncertain and vulnerable. Perhaps you do not know whom to trust. However, being in delinquency is neither a crime nor a sin. Just because you missed a payment does not mean you will lose your home. There is always something we can do to improve your situation. Many times through strategic legal work, we can help you understand how to stop foreclosure and save your home.

Many Opportunities To Save Your Home

Your loan may be insured by the federal government. This means there are homeowners' rights and rules that the banks must follow. Even though foreclosure is a highly regulated industry, many banks— even large banks — conduct the proceedings incorrectly. When this happens, we have cause to save your home and sometimes, in egregious cases, pursue the dismissal of your mortgage.

Rules And Laws That Protect You

Federal rules are in place to protect you, the homeowner. A careful review of your paperwork may reveal if the bank:

  • Is using unfair tactics in the foreclosure
  • Has missed a step
  • Did not create legally viable language
  • Is in any other way not following the rules

Even In The Direst Case, Something Can Be Done To Help

Having an attorney with a long list of successes who knows the law, foreclosure defense and how the Maine court systems work can be crucial to saving your home.

As a trial attorney and transactional attorney, I can walk you through the process every step of the way. I have decades of experience, including litigation, and am well-known and respected in the foreclosure industry.

Banks Get One Chance To Foreclose Or Lose

With some exceptions, the banks get only one chance at foreclosure. If they fail at this in court, the mortgage can be discharged by the judge. Many factors can cause a bank to fail to foreclose on your home, including:

  • A vague property description
  • A half-interest in the home
  • A no-show in court
  • Egregious errors in your mortgage

Many foreclosure cases have been decided on a summary judgment with no trial and a dismissal of the entire mortgage.

If your home is foreclosed upon, we will work with you to negotiate more favorable terms, including discharging your remaining debt.

Calling The Firm Late In The Process

  • If you contact my firm late, I may need to late file and then catch up. No matter how close you are to a judgment, I can ask the judge for the time we need to defend you and your home from foreclosure.
  • My firm may also be able to ask for more time to prepare an adequate defense.
  • As a real estate and foreclosure attorney, I have decades of trial experience and a long history of success in court.

With over 45 years of legal and foreclosure experience, we can help. No matter what your situation, even if you cannot pay us right away, call the Law Office of S. James Levis Jr., PA, at 866-860-2922 and speak with a lawyer about your case. Or contact us online. Our Biddeford office serves clients in York County, Cumberland County and Portland and throughout Maine.